The Difference Principle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-informed administrative and management practices for social justice nonprofit organizations.

Our Story

The Difference Principle was founded in 2013 by a team of executives who were tasked with overseeing several nonprofit social justice organizations.  The Difference Principle was founded for two reasons -- first, to provide a home for the administrative functions of several sister organizations already in existence, and second, to create the ability for other high performing nonprofit organizations to unburden themselves from the administrative requirements of their organization so as to focus solely on fulfilling their mission statements.  

In 2014, The Difference Principle added the first two organizations to its network.  JusticePoint, a direct services nonprofit providing an array of services throughout the criminal justice system, and Justice Initiatives Institute, a nonpartisan research and policy organization dedicated to improving the efficacy of the criminal justice system.  The benefits of this arrangement were immediate -- all administrative functions previously operated separately by each organization were assumed by The Difference Principle, freeing the executive management of each organization to focus on their agency's services rather than back office administrative tasks.  Further cost savings were realized through the joint purchasing power created by the new corporate structure.  

In late 2014, The Difference Principle spun what had been a pilot program of JusticePoint's into a full fledged nonprofit legal services organization.  The new venture, Third Coast Legal, became the third organization operated under The Difference Principle's netowrk.  Third Coast Legal provides administrative and civil legal representation and advocacy to low-income individuals, with a primary focus on people with disabilities who are no longer able to work.

The Difference Principle utilizes its Executive Management team and support staff to provide the following services to its network organizations:

  • Administrative Oversight

  • Management Recruitment, Development, Training, and Oversight

  • Human Resources

  • Employee Benefits Negotiation and Administration

  • Staff Recruitment, Development, and Training

  • Fund Development and Grant Writing

  • Contract Administration

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services

  • Information Technology

  • Board Development and Recruitment

  • Office Management

The Difference Principle is led by Chief Executive Officer Nick Sayner, MPA; Chief Operating Officer Edward Gordon, JD; and Director of Human Resources Julie Murdock, MSW, SPHR.  The Difference Principle's services are supported by Administrative Assistant, Cindy Vazquez-Martinez.

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